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M. Watto found himself drawn to the law field directly out of university back in 1993, working as Lawyer (outside Canada) with LL.B Degree. He then pursued his legal education from Canada and studied Immigration Law from York College, Toronto, Ontario, Criminal Law and Admin Law as an NCA student from Osgoode Hall (York University, Toronto, Ontario), Canadian Constitution Law and Evidence Law as an NCA student from University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario).  

Since 2011, besides being a member of LSO and practicing law in Canada he is also teaching and managing Legal Education in Canada. 



  • B.A, LL.B., 
  • Educator at  "L.A.P.E.C." Legal and Professional Education College
  • Subject Matter Expert  (Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Law)
  • Course and Curriculum Developer (Adult Learning)

M.  Watto

B.A., LL.B.,  CAS​​, Member LSO (P1)

Advance  Courses Taught:

C.P.D : Continued Professional Development and Legal Education

  • Over 500 programs covering over 900 substantive as well as professionalism Accredited hours for members of the Law Societies in Canada and ICCRC.

Canadian Immigration Law Advanced Certification:

  • Mastering Skilled Immigration Programs
  • Mastering Temp Visas, Permits, Extension and Status Restoration
  • Mastering Enforcement, Detentions, Bails and Hearings
  • Mastering HRSDC LMIA for Federal CIC or PNP Application Process.
  • Mastering Self-Employed and NAFTA Programs
  • Mastering Family Sponsorship Refusals, ADR and IAD Hearing Appeals
  • Mastering Family Sponsorship, Spouse and Children Application Process In-Canada and Overseas
  • Mastering Refugee Status Claim Inside Canada (RPD - RAD Hearing Process)
  • Mastering Refugee Status Claim(s) Outside Canada via Application Process
  • Mastering Judicial Review and Federal Court Appeals & Hearing Assessment

Certificate of Study in:

Canadian Civil and Criminal Law:

  • Certificate in Justice Procedures Surrounding Regulatory Offences
  • Certificate in Summary Conviction Offences and Criminal Procedure
  • Advance Certification in Canadian Legal Research and Writing 
  • Advance Certification in Understanding the Legality of Statutory Accident Benefit Schedules and Schemes
  • Advance Certification in Understanding the procedural aspects of accident benefits

Direct Phone: 905-326-0045  EXT 221