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C.L.O.M.S. Law Canada    

IRCC LG - Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada Law Group , IRCC Law Professional Corporation International Legal Counsel Jobs

  • Effective representation with years of experience, national and global level;
  • We take both large and small matters;
  • We work with our clients to provide suitable and economical options including fixed fee, hourly fee deferred fee arrangements;
  • Easy to reach for a Free professional consultation;
  • ​24/7 Online present to support our clients;
  • ​We work very honestly and if there is any matter outside our scope we have access to an unparalleled network of other areas of law experts; and more.​​

Benefits of retaining C.L.O.M.S. Law for your legal services:

Besides higher standards in professionalism, legal representation, working in a systematic workflow and always putting client/public interest first, each and every C.L.O.M.S. Law counsel is highly qualified and experienced, with good personal qualities and people skills.

As a client you can also expect the following major benefits:

  • One central office for all communications, records, services. We will never forward your inquiry to another office. One-stop service and response.
  • C.L.O.M.S. Law retainer and final opinions/strategies are centrally assessed and monitored at multiple levels and by our team of the senior member(s) before a commitment to provide services is offered.
  • Global team-based representation.
  • Free, interactive and live consultation. We will never close your inquiry until it is resolved.
  • If C.L.O.M.S. Law member/counsel on record cannot represent your matter due to any reason beyond his or her control (such as being on sick leave, sudden death, suspended license, retired or other), C.L.O.M.S. Law will arrange alternative representation without interruption in your case process and without extra fee/expense to you.
  • If you have any concerns with the way your matter is being handled and you wish to dispute, C.L.O.M.S. Law will try to settle or resolve it through an in-house resolution process.
  • C.L.O.M.S. Law legal services are available and offered at a global level. We have legal counsels in Canada, the USA and many other countries dealing with laws of the respective jurisdiction, and legal services are offered through a centralized head office in Canada. So, if you are a citizen or resident of Canada and have a legal issue or need an opinion related to other countries, we can help you right from one office; the same goes for members of the public from other countries seeking legal services in Canada.a or the USA.

Why Retain C.L.O.M.S. Law

Areas of Practice

  1. Business Representation in Canada
  2. Citizenship Applications
  3. Citizenship Refusal Appeals
  4. Collection and Recoveries
  5. Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals
  6. Employment Disputes
  7. Human Rights Matters
  8. Financial Claims and Damages
  9. Immigration Applications - Family Sponsorship & Business Immigration only
  10. Immigration Consultant Disciplinary Complaints
  11. Immigration Refusal Appeals
  12. Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  13. Law Society Complaints (Lawyer or Paralegal)
  14. Ontario Court of Justice – Summary Conviction Offences
  15. Provincial Offences
  16. Regulatory Disciplinary Complaints (Representing Defense)
  17. Regulatory Disciplinary Complaints (Representing Applicant Public)
  18. ​RECO Complaints (Against Realtors)
  19. Social Benefits Tribunal Appeals
  20. Statutory Accident Benefits claim.
  21. The Child and Family Services Matter
  22. The Ontario Special Education Tribunals
  23. The license appeal tribunal